Terms & Conditions

1. Agreed price: The agreed price is the amount agreed between Debonair Limos / Ballooms and you the Customer, based on and is limited to the instructions given as set out in the requirements area overleaf Changes following on from this booking that you may wish to make will be subject to our ability to accommodate those changes and may be subject to further costs.

2. Deposits: All bookings made are cautioned by way of an advance deposit (NON-REFUNDABLE) normally a deposit of £50 is required, For Weddings and other special events an advance deposit of £100 is required.

3. Cancellation: 
. should you cancel within 21 days of the date the vehicle is required the deposit will be deemed Non-refundable the customer will be charged 100% of the Balance owed. 
B. Cancellations are only accepted in writing and must be received by us no later than 30 days prior to the hire date Wedding cancellations must be received in writing by us no later than 90 days prior to hire. Cancellations for Royal Ascot or any other “high demand” event are not accepted.
C.The chauffeur may terminate your booking if the client, any member, or their party causes excessive delays, are disorderly, or, in the chauffeur’s judgment, are unfit to travel, with no compensation made to the client.
D.In the unlikely event that we are unable to complete a booking due to circumstances beyond our control, a full refund will be given. Beyond this, we are not liable for any additional costs incurred or the loss of any monies paid by the client or party for tickets etc for the event they are traveling to.
E. The contract will be cancelled for any violations to our terms and conditions with no compensation made to the client.

4. Balance:  Under normal circumstances Balances due are payable at the time and place of the first pick-up alternatively you may pay the balance in advance by cheque, if paying by cheque you must allow enough time (10 days) for the cheque to have cleared our account, or by any debit/credit cards five days before your event or by cash on the day at the first pick up point.  All Payment by credit cards on the day will accrue surcharge of 4%.

5. Grace Period We strive to arrive at pick-up points in advance of the times agreed. Events outside our control (for example, traffic congestion or bad weather) cause us to be late. In these circumstances, provided we arrive within 60 minutes of the scheduled time of course we will make sure the customer is kept informed of any delays and progress, this therefore will be deemed to be within the terms of the agreement, in such cases, and if reasonably practical, we will endeavour to adjust the agreed booking times to make up for the delay, for example by adding a similar time at the end of the booking period. In the event of major traffic congestion where our vehicle becomes trapped in that congestion that then causes delays or inconvenience or costs or loss to the Customer Debonair Limos/Ballooms cannot be held responsible as these conditions howsoever they arise or are caused are totally outside the control of us.

6. Breakdown: Our vehicles are serviced and maintained to the highest levels however in the unfortunate event of breakdown Debonair Limos/Ballooms cannot be held responsible.

7. Overtime: Overtime charges begin immediately following the end of pre-agreed Debonair Limos/Ballooms contract end at the rate of £70.00 per hour.

8. Access: Debonair Limos/Ballooms accept no responsibility for restricted vehicle access (hump back bridges, width restrictions etc) at any location and are not liable for delays caused by re-routed journeys.

9. Damages to Limousine: The client who books the limousine will be responsible for the conduct of all members of their party. Any damages to the limousine or to its fixtures caused by the client, a member of their party or by inciting others shall incur Two Hundred Pounds (£200) ‘enforced downtime’ charge in addition to the cost of the repairs and the loss of booked business whilst these repairs take place. A Three Hundred Pounds (£300) ‘sick’ fee shall be charged if the client, a member, or their party is sick inside the limousine plus the hourly cost or returning the limousine to our premises for valeting charged at Fifty Pounds (£70) per hour.

If the contract is paid by credit/debit card or Debonair Limos/ Ballooms hold a credit/debit number on file for that client, the client authorises us to charge that card for all the costs in above.

10. Lost Property: Debonair Limos / Ballooms take every care to keep you the customer and your property safe.  We cannot however under any circumstances take any responsibility for property lost, left, or assumed left at any time in the vehicle.

Make sure that you check and remove all personal property yours and your guest(s) from the limousine whenever you Are dropped off, including interim drop(s) in the event that property is found by us and is returned to the depot it is you The customer’s responsibility to recover said property from us and any costs of doing so are yours and yours alone.

11.Airport requirements: Where Debonair Limos/ Ballooms are retained to collect the customer from arriving flight(s), in particularly inbound international flight(s), the customer is required to telephone us at 0800 169 1006 before departing the Departure airport to confirm the pick-up requirements and to obtain the chauffeurs mobile number upon arrival at the UK airport, once you have cleared customs, you need to call the chauffeurs mobile phone so that he May make his way from the holding parking facilities on the airport perimeter.  Debonair Limos / Ballooms will not be held Liable for any delays or inconveniences howsoever caused if any or the whole of the forgoing is not complied with.

12. Vehicle supplied We will endeavour to provide the vehicle requested by you. In the unlikely event that we are unable to do so we reserve the right to provide a substitute vehicle of similar type and capacity. We can request a preferred vehicle colour for you but cannot guarantee a colour.

13. Special Conditions: If the any or all of the customers whilst in or around the Limousine in the opinion of the Chauffeur become rowdy or abusive in any way the Chauffeur can for reasons of safety of him/herself; other passengers or other members of the public, the Chauffeur has the right to terminate the hire at any time - the booking will be terminated without recourse nor compensation.

If passengers claim to be 18 years and over and in turn later are found to be under the claimed age the booking will be terminated without recourse or compensation.

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